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What makes your wedding photography different?

I focus mainly on capturing the real moments that happen throughout the day, lots of unique images showing real integrity - true emotions, the real expressions, the happiness and tears of joy.  Photos will reflect fleeting, unposed moment that tell the story of the day at it's best as well as being intimate and artistic.  These type of images are quite special and will grow more meaningful with the passing time.  Most of the time I will stay in the background, so you won't even know I'm there.
On the other hand, when it comes to posed or set up photos, having been a full time professional photographer for many years, my experience and creativity comes into play with turning what seems like ordinary scene into very distinctive and arty looking images that you'll be proud to display anywhere.

But most importantly, I will photograph your wedding with an approach that works for you!

What about your videography?

I have added a filming element to my photography for 2018 simply because I love the way it captures feelings and moments and complements still photography.  Some parts of the wedding day really suit motion images and sound, for example the ceremony, the speeches and the first dance. 
My concept will give you the best of the both words, capturing your wedding day in motion images and the essential still photography (optional) but without duplication.  This option is extremely flexible, allowing you to create a bespoke package that will work best for you, as well as being very affordable, especially if you take into account that you won’t need to hire a separate photographer and videographer.

How much do you charge for your wedding photography or videography packages and what's included?

I offer one simple package that contains everything needed for your wedding photography.  It is also very affordable and flexible option, so you will be able to remove the elements you don't need, or to add to the package anything else required.

Very similar for the videography, one package fits all.  Fully customizable for you to create the right package to suit your needs.

Please email, or call me on 07909 963 378 to receive the full price list.

Why shouldn't I shop around for the best price?

You should definitely look at some other photographers work, but comparison based on pricing alone is not indicative or comparable. Photographers come in various levels of competency, creativity and experience.  This is often, but not always reflected in their pricing.

Do you take formal group photos as well?

Yes, of course.  I am happy to take any number of formal group photographs, although that number will depends on the package booked and time allowing.

How many photographs do you usually take?

There is no limit on how many photograph I take and the final number will depend on opportunities on the day.  You are guaranteed to receive at least 500 from the full day coverage, but most likely will be 700+ images.

How soon after the wedding can I see my pictures?

My aim is to have the photos available to view within 7-14 days after your wedding, although sometimes they can be available a little earlier.

Can I print photographs from my DVD received?

The images on your DVD are print quality allowing you to produce your own reprints at no extra cost.  Although the copyright remains with Mario Mage Photography, you will have a free licence to use the images in any form you like - printing, emailing or sharing with your friends and family.

Why should I have a wedding book rather than a traditional album?

Modern books give a more personalised option.  They also allow far more flexibile design with background images, various image sizes, borderless printing to the edge of each page, the possibilities are endless.  Books are the best presentation choice for your wedding photographs with contemporary look very much in fashion.  Of course, I would be happy to provide you with a traditional album if that's your preference.

Do you design the wedding book or can we have some input in it?

Although I have a wealth of experience and expertise in designing books, it is your weddding book and the record of your special day, so as a minimum you can choose your own photos to include, but you are welcome to be involved as much or as little as you like. 

Most of the wedding books or albums that I offer are made in UK from the finest materials with an additional benefit of a very quick turnaround.


"...I've just had a quick look at the wedding pictures and they're amazing, its like living the day again. Thank you so much, you were worth every penny!!"

"...We really enjoyed having you there as the "official" photographer because you were fun, yet calming and got the job done quietly and efficiently - not an easy task! Thanks again..."


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